Things Microsoft need to do in the next windows 8 release..


As a recent convert to the madness which as been windows 8 it strokes me when used on a tablet its actually one of the best OS out there. No I’m not barking mad as I agree with a mouse its the Worst there is. I however have some suggestions of things Microsoft could do to make this experience richer..

open the modern browser version up to plugins

I like the Modern (Metro) version of IE, it works well, its quick to navigate, it loads all the pages I load, but I do miss plugins, I understand that plugins can be dangerous, but I do wish they could enable them some how so I can have LastPass plugins, OneNote/Evermore clippers and a few other things. I don’t care if Microsoft for security sake make the plugins library an “approved only” thing.. I think it could only enhance the whole browsing experience.

Stop obsessing over the start button

If I read another tech blogger obsessing on bringing back the start button, I swear I will do nothing, but its really annoying, so please just add a simple setting in control panel. Mark it, “Luddite” and “Progressive” and let the iser choose..

Get better integration with windows phone 8

Lets be honest an app which mounts the phone over a USB cable, now 1990 is that, this is the wireless age, I should be able to pair these up and do funky stuff between them, share apps, control the camera, take incoming calls on my tablet.. I don’t care what, id just like to think of both devices coming from the same OS vendor and talking wit each other..

Install the desktop mode on laptops and the modern browse on tablets

Ok, this is sort of start menu wish, but lets ace it Metro doesn’t work on the point and click desktop. Again something Microsoft can learn from the Linux crowd here is choice, when you install the OS give the user the choice, or at least when the boot of the touched based modern apps or a point and click desktop.

A metro based file manager

While explorer is nice I’ve been using metro commander on the modern app interface and its excellent so much so I’m surprised there isn’t a built in version of this.
If Microsoft want to move towards Metro/Modern App interfaces great, all for it, but they need to beef out the offering out of the box. More flexibility on the interface and what can talk to what, plugins and provide some core apps.
If you still think Windows 8 blows go pick up a tablet and give it a go.. 
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